What Price Do You Put On Peace of Mind?

The textile fire curtain is the ultimate form of passive fire protection. They have revolutionised the way that architects design buildings. Even if you have never heard of a fire curtain before, you have probably walked underneath many of them.

Its lightweight, unobtrusive and concealable nature means that construction and fire safety professionals all over the world are using this product more and more.

Not only this, fire curtains are also more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly than more traditional methods of fire and smoke containment such as separation fire walls and traditional fire doors.

At NECO Fire Gard, we have devised our very own 24v DC motor, complete with gravity failsafe technology, to power our fire curtains, making our product as reliable as it can be. Our fire curtains are made to order and can be used on industrial, commercial and even residential premises.

We have capacity to work on large scale fire curtain projects across the globe.

Why Choose a NECO Fire Curtain?

  • We'll work with you from quotation right the way through to installation, with your individual needs in mind
  • We have passed both parts of the BS 8524 standard, the most recognised standard Worldwide for Fire Curtains
  • Prevents The Spread of Fire & Smoke for up to 4 Hours
  • Can be Used as Part of an existing Fire Safety System
  • Innovative Gravity Failsafe Descent
  • Low lifetime running & maintenance costs
  • Easy To Install
  • Compact & Discreet Design
  • Vertical & Horizontal Application
Active Fire Curtains

Smoke seals

The company have patented smoke seals revolutionising the fire curtain industry. Our unique curtain seals can be used to protect in hot and cold smoke scenarios. Curtains have been tested to give a 4-hour barrier and protection in fire conditions. NECO Fire Gard are the only manufacturer that has passed air pressure tests with multiple curtains which gives them more protection from smoke than any other manufacturer.

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